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WITS now accepts all sizes of no and gently childres/kids clothes, shoes, toys and baby items to donate to IRS-approved families.

These families need a hand up while getting their lives back on track. These items are accepted at all of our drop-off sites and permanent facilities. Please put them in tubs/boxes or bags. NO Other household items are acceptedat this time.

If you are dropping off with qty, PLEASE bring a written list with you before you come. All items must be inventoried in the office when you come regardless.

Following is a list of items  working or NOT ....we  will accept at all of our sites: At this time Wits, Inc is in negotiations for a National Takeback contract. Until a contract is in place we have to ask for donation for some items in MO. We are not able to accept Il Televisions or CRT items at our MO Drop off sites. . Business charges apply for all items listed below.


Items NOT accepted:

------Paint, Tires, Chemicals and Household or Wood Furniture, light bulbs or mattresses. No plastic household items, dishes, linens, etc.

Effective Immediately we will no longer accept any CRT OR PROJECTION Televisions or Monitors, software or tapes, projection televisions,  household batteries,   and small household appliances that take batteries at any of our  current sites except those listed below.

We will still accept at our events until July 1.

Starting July 1 2015 we will no longer accept any CRT Televisions or Monitors   household batteries and small household appliances that take batteries at our Chesterfield or St. Charles sites. 

ITEMS Accepted and COST Information
ALL CRT and Projection Screens are now having to incur a recycling donation. This donation is done by size and weight. Our cost keep going up with recycling markets. Residents--- Cash and credit cards only. Business Checks accepted

    • Computers(no fee), CRT monitors (recyclingt cost based on size and weight $8-35), printers, cables and peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.).

    • Office equipment, business equipment and machinery including most furniture and operations equipment.

    • Networking equipment, server, telecommunications, phones, cell phones, clocks, etc.

    • VCR, stereos and audio/video equipment including cable/satellite.

    • CRT and projection TVs - all sizes accepted. Recycling cost now based on size and weight $8-$35 each.

    • LCD Televisions and monitors: broken/crackes screens.

    • Home electronics, blenders, toasters, irons etc.

    • White goods: microwaves, washers, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, furnaces, etc. ($5-10 donation requested).

    • Medical equipment and all types of diagnostic equipment.

    • Electrical, cabling, communication machinery and equipment.

    • Industrial machinery and equipment including power and gas equipment.

    • Lawn equipment, hand and power tools, old mowers, tillers, etc. Excercise equipment.

    • Air conditioners, refrigerators, humidifiers and other freon-containing devices  No fee if Freon removed $10 if not removed

    • Old motors, transformers and other electrical equipment.

    • Car and rechargeable batteries
    • household batteries ($.50lb)

    • CDs, VHS, DVD, Cassette, DAT and all types of data tapes. (Charge of $.25lb)

    • Holiday lights and decorations.

    • Starting July 1 2015 we will no longer accept any CRT Televisions or Monitors at our sites or events. We will also no longer accept household batteries and small household appliances that take batteries.

  If you are dropping off, PLEASE bring a written list with you when you come if you require and itemized receipt.

Please put all small/medium or Misc items into bags or boxes!!!!  Please keep batteries in a separate container or sealed bag.